What really happens when thegovernment raises taxes?



Income Tax Causes Crime (138 pages) written by Sam Bryant, is an in depth look at the social cost of high taxes. It explains the cause and effect relationship between the federal income tax burden on the American family and many of the major social problems facing America such as: crime, child abuse, divorce, and teen pregnancy. If you want to understand exactly why the American family is in decline this book has the answers you have been looking for.

“It has been proven beyond any doubt that the burden of the income tax is directly related to crime rates, divorce rates, frequency of child abuse and even teen pregnancy rates.” The comprehensive study, Income Tax Causes Crime, “leaves no room for doubt that suspending the illicit application of the income tax to working American families will relieve the stresses causing and aggravating those social ills.”

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                --Tom Cryer       
              Attorney and Founder www.truthattack.org

“A uniquely insightful work uniting the disciplines of sociology, criminology, and economics, written with understandable prose, yet well evidenced statistics. It is a book for professionals in each of these fields as well as a must read for every American Citizen!”


                ---Adrian Eddleman       
              Founder, Archetype Investment Advisors  


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