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I am an Arborist or Tree Doctor by trade and have an educational background in chemical engineering and business.  So why I am I writing a book about how income tax causes crime and many other social problems in America?

It is pretty simple what I do for a living is study to ways trees respond to environmental stress and how they interact with the environment.  In my spare time I decided to do some research on how taxes (an environmental stress) effects crime rates in America.  I expected to find abundant of research on this topic.  But what I found (or did not find) surprised me even more.  There was no research on taxes and crime.  This to me was like finding that no one ever did any research on drought effect on trees.

So I set out on a mission to do research work with the help of many friends and business associates I had developed over the years.  What we found will amaze you and make you question the very foundations of what you have been taught causes crime, divorce, teen pregnancy and many other social problems.